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Wasps and Flies

Wasps and Flies


Wasps and Flies

In Ireland, some insect infestations can occur all year round, while others tend to be more seasonal in nature. At Central Pest Control, our experts treat each insect problem individually, providing comprehensive eradication and prevention both inside and outside the home and/or workplace.


People react differently to being stung by a bee or a wasp; some are barely affected while others can suffer considerable pain and swelling in the sting area. A small number of individuals are extremely allergic to stings and, in some cases, can suffer potentially fatal anaphylactic shock if medical treatment isn’t sought immediately.

If you discover a bees’ or wasps’ nest in your home, workplace, garden or shed, we strongly recommend that you do not attempt to remove or destroy it yourself.  Call the professionals – we will survey the affected area and remove the nest safely, efficently and completely.


Flies spread contamination with their legs and bodies as they move from their feeding grounds to food and food-preparation areas. Flies can only ingest liquids, so they spit out saliva on solid foods to pre-digest it and then suck it in. They also vomit out partially-digested food and eat it again.

At Central Pest Control, we supply a full range of fly screens and fly-control units to keep flying insects where they belong – outside!  Our expert staff are fully trained in the installation of fly units, which can be free standing or wall mounted, and cover areas from 20 to 60 square metres depending on the model in question.


Open windows and doors are a direct invitation to flying insects. Fly screens – which are custom fitted to doors and windows – are the first line of defence against all types of flying insects in the home and workplace. They deny flying insects easy access to your premises and prevent them from contaminating food and work surfaces, whilst at the same time allowing adequate ventilation and daylight (see images below).

Mesh strips are another effective method of denying flying insects entry into you premises and are easy to maintain.

Insect fly screen







Electric Fly Killer

genus cobra efk

Electric Fly Killer Supplied by Central Pest Control



Business Customers

Effective insect control is imperative for any business sector or activity reliant on strict hygiene standards, e.g. food, beverages, etc. Flying insects spread diseases that can be extremely harmful to human health, and the installation of fly screens is a highly effective means of reducing the risk of bacterial deposits on unsealed food without the need to resort to harmful insecticides. The screens form an impenetrable barrier to flying insects, whilst allowing the free passage of air and light.

What CPC can do for you

We will visit your premises to assess your requirements, and measure doors and windows FREE OF CHARGE with no hidden extras. Should you decide to accept our quotation, only then will we manufacture the fly screens to your specifications as outlined in our quotation. We will install the fly screens expertly on your premises at any given time and date that suits you.


While moths do not pose a health risk, they are neveretheless an unwelcome pest in the home due to the severe damage their larvae can cause to fabrics, carpets and clothing.

Such destruction may continue for weeks after moth caterpillars have hatched, and significant damage may have been caused before you even notice the presence of flying moths. As with all pests, the prevention of a moth problem is better than any cure – contact us today to learn more.


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