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    Client reporting is an increasingly important requirement in professional and effective pest management. Click here to read more about our 10-point reporting procedures.
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    Regardless of your business sector or activity, a pest problem should never be ignored. Your reputation and the well-being of your business depend on effective pest management.
  • Residential
    A pest infestation of any kind in the home is a serious matter. Not only are pests harmful to human health and quality of life, they also increase the risk of fire, flooding and structural damage.
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    Catch up with the latest pest updates in our dedicated News channel.

Central Pest Control

Central Pest Control provide pest management services to residential, commercial, hospitality, local authorities and management facilities sectors.

We have two reporting services available for companies that are audited or credited to the BCR certification.  We also provide a reporting system and specification as requested by the environmental health officer for small SME businesses such as coffee shops, chip shops, newsagent, main street trading companies.

All the above reporting services are set out to protect your businesses reputation, damage to food (stock) and working in compliance with health and safety regulations and quality regulations, while working in conjunction with the HACCP guidelines.

As of January 2018, The Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine set out the rules for permanent baiting to prevent and eliminate the threats of rodents and insects at every stage of the food chain.

Our integrated pest management services include the following:

Green Pest Control Service/ Non-Toxic Monitoring Programme – for commercial businesses, hospitality and food, for auditing of food and hygiene pest management standards.

At Central Pest Control our reporting services will establish best working practices. Together we use non-toxic when a premises is pest free and pulse baiting when a rodent infestation is identified, allowing us to comply with the stringent local and international legislation standards.

To find out how our pest management reporting services can help to meet your health and safety quality regulations; to safeguard your business and goods throughout the food chain, we take the following measures:

Risk Assessment Site Survey



All backed up with a detailed Proposal


Central Pest Control, Pest Management Solutions, professionally dealing with all types of pest infestations, in Dublin and surrounding areas throughout 35 years. We understand that pest infestations in commercial food sectors may result in a closure order and a pest infestation in the home is very distressing.

If you are experiencing pest-related issues such as bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, mice, birds, and textile pests, our team of certified pest control technicians, fully equipped with PPE gear, will ensure you have a pest-free environment.

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    Central Pest Control

    With over 35 years’ experience in the pest-control industry, and wildlife management services, we are a hundred percent Irish owned company supporting local.

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    Domestic & Business Pest Control Dublin

    Pest Prevention is better than cure. Many of our customers in domestic and business sectors in Dublin, and surrounding area’s for many years already benefit from Central Pest Control Professional Service looking after their Pest Management needs and have a Pest Prevention service agreement in place in compliance with the strict guidelines to maintain pest free conditions.

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