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Black Garden Ants

Black Garden Ants

Ants in the pantry are no joke. Black Garden Ants are the most common of species to invade your home. These insects are easy to identify with their distinctive body. Their body is separated by a narrow waist and sharp joints and antennae. Furthermore commonly seen on verandas and in the house.

Ants are highly organized, social insects. They are on their hunt for food in your home to bring back to their nests to feed larvae and the queen which have a particularly sweet tooth! They will build nests in the insultation layer and from there penetrate up into your home itself through the cracks which inevitably appear in the cement.

Have you Heard of the Pharaoh’s Ant?

Centrally heated blocks of apartments may be troubled be a different species of ant known as Pharaoh’s Ant. This smaller, tropical ant have an eating preference of protein over sweet stuff unlike your typical Black Garden Ant.

In addition, Pharaoh’s Ants have multiple, more inaccessible nests within building structures. Therefore control of these insects must be left to the pest control experts.


If you are spotting Black Garden or Pharaoh’s Ants in your home, as the weather is getting warmer, call the professionals at Central Pest Control today!

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