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Pigeon and Herring Gulls in Dublin City

Pigeon and Herring Gulls in Dublin City

Pigeon and Herring Gull Management in Dublin City

Pest birds such as Pigeons and Herring Gulls are a nuisance pest for both home and business owners. We at Central Pest Control have experienced an increase in calls from the public regarding aggressive Pest Birds causing nuisance. They will deface your property with their droppings, cause damage to your property from their nests, spread diseases and create on unclean image to the building they have decided to nest on. Pest Birds have adapted to urban environments very well, causing conflict for many businesses especially in Dublin City Centre.

Did you know?

Ireland receives Seagull warning as ‘extremely aggressive’ birds could ‘spread infection’.


How Dublin City Centre provides ideal nesting ground for Pigeons and Seagulls.


  • Tall Buildings – Dublin City is full of tall buildings which creates familiarity for Pest Birds as they mimic cliff tops where birds such as Gulls would nest.
  • Nesting Areas – These birds will roost in areas above ground and will easily nest in steeples and roof voids.
  • Waste – Urban areas offer Pigeons and Seagulls easy access to food waste from bars and restaurant all over the city.
  • Feeding – The public like to feed birds such as pigeons in parks around the city.


Bird Management requires a service provided by a Professional Pest Control team. Unlike most pests, birds have legislative protection under the Wildlife Act 1976 unless it can be provided that their presence is detrimental in some way. Such as:

  • In the interest of public health and safety.
  • In the interest of air safety.
  • To prevent serious damage to crops, flora, fauna, and water.


Breaching this legislation by an unprofessional that does not specialise in Bird Management Solutions and Control can result in prosecution and a hefty fine if you are found guilty. With over 35 years’ experience in the Pest Control industry, we have the knowledge to help our clients. Our Bird Control team can help solve most common Pest Bird issues you may have. We provide efficient Bird Control services for commercial properties for all pest birds including Pigeons and Seagulls, using a wide range of bird proofing and bird deterrent methods, always working in compliance with the CRUU Act regarding Wildlife.



How Central Pest Control Can Help

If Pest Birds are causing a disturbance to your business and damaging your company image, Central Pest Control are here to help. We will provide Proofing Measures such as netting, bird wiring and bird free gel can be used to deter birds from roosting on buildings.


  • Bird Wiring systems will deter birds from roosting on ledges that cannot be made inaccessible by netting. They should be fixed in a manner that will ensure that the ledge is adequately covered by the wiring.
  • Site Survey – We a carry out a free risk assessment site survey for commercial properties in compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Drone Survey – Our fully qualified drone pilots will carry out a risk assessment site survey. See for more information
  • Bird Proofing is specialist work. An experienced, fully licensed, and insured installer should be consulted for advice and proofing strategies.
  • Urban Pest Bird Control is a complex subject and requires an integrated approach which will include waste management regimes to minimise roosting and nesting sites and proofing strategies that will exclude Pest Birds from priorities areas.


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