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How to get rid of Ants Infestation

How to get rid of Ants Infestation

Working ants will always be drawn to sugar and sweet things, which we know there will be a lot of over the Easter period from chocolate eggs to desserts. Avoid leaving these types of foods out, to avoid putting your home or business in risk of ant infestations, as it only takes one ant to find the food source in your property for an infestation to multiply!

Although Black Garden Ants are not known for major health problems to man, they do carry diseases such as Salmonella, which when an ant comes into contact with foodstuff in your home or business they will then be contaminated. While Pharaoh Ants can carry Staphylococcus which is a bacterial infection that can be caught by humans through cross contamination.

Did you know that ants can climb easily up onto work surfaces, in and around fridges and freezers, looking for sugar related foods?

How does a home or business get rid of Ants?

Ant infestations can be tricky to get rid of if not treated by a professional pest control company such as Central Pest Control. Seeing one ant and stepping on it does not mean the end of your ant problem. Ants are relentless and once they find a food source in your home or business, they will alert their colony via chemical pheromone, which other ants will follow from the colony to the food.

Central Pest Control has tips for you on how to prevent Ants getting comfortable in your home.

  • Leaks: Ants need water to survive. We would advise checking that pipes and taps aren’t leaking and that gutters are functioning correctly and directing water into drains.
  • Housekeeping: Good housekeeping is essential for keeping ant infestations at bay. Minimize any potential food source – clean up crumbs off counters and floors, don’t leave dirty plates around and don’t leave the dishwasher open with dirty dishes inside, empty and clean rubbish bins on a regular basis. Housekeeping is very important to avoid food stuffs being contaminated.
  • Exclusion: Worker ants gain access to your home through gaps, cracks and holes so sealing these potential access points is essential for preventing ant infestations. Look for cracks in the foundation, holes in walls or worn door or window seals. And secondly, seal up potential access sites immediately if you cannot find or seal the access point, hire a professional. A professional pest control company should provide eradication and proofing services.

Pest prevention is always better than cure. The longer you leave an ant problem the harder it will become to get rid of seasonal ants completely. We advise you to get help as soon as you notice a presence of an ant colony in or around your property during the months from March through to September, a lot depending on the climate.

Central Pest Control are now starting to receive calls from business sectors such as hospitals, nursing homes and the hospitality sectors. Again the ants have found warmth and a food supply, so don’t delay call today. We are a local professional pest control company that takes pride in dealing with the service industry. Dealing with all sorts of pests, from ant infestations to rodent control, crawling insects and flying insects. For more information take a look at our Pest Guide if you are unsure what pest infestation you are dealing with.


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