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Professional Bird Control in Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare

Request a drone survey today:

Our fully qualified drone pilots will carry out a risk assessment site survey to inspect for birds, common nests and any pest proofing requirements and possible damage caused by pigeons or seagulls.

Inspection / Recommendations

  • Access – Using a drone gives us a full aerial view of work carried out. Drone shots will pick up footage of places tricky for humans to see.
  • Environmental – As drones are battery powered, they are environmentally friendly.
  • No risk – Drones can do work that humans cannot.
  • Cost effective – Whereas marketers in the past needed cranes, height for hire and scaffolding – and the associated costs of each – to record from aerial viewpoints, current marketers only really need a drone.
  • Professional and public indemnity

Bird Control Services

Central Pest Control can provide a range of bird solutions depending on your needs and budget. Our bird solutions are harmless to pest birds while protecting your business from these pests.

  • Netting
    The most successful methods of bird management. This made to measure service is versatile as it can be installed permanently or temporary depending on your business’s seasonal needs. It is effective and discreet at bird proofing your building by cutting off access for birds to nest or perch on the roof.
  • Bird wiring
    Tensioned by a spring this stainless steel, thin wire is used for the prevention of pest birds landing on ledges, pipes, and gutters. This will prevent pigeons and gulls perching on top of your building.
  • Repellent gel
    Both nontoxic and non-harmful, this is the most advanced solution to bird control. Gel is placed on dishes in areas birds are perching, this gel utilizes UV light therefore making birds believe the roof is on fire, hence keeping them from perching.
  • 'Flock Off'
    'Flock Off' bird deterrents are UV-stabilised polycarbonate anti-perching devices which prevent large birds perching or nesting on your building. Migratory birds tend to avoid unfamiliar objects because they represent a threat. Applying ‘Flock Off’ UV Paint will give the affected area a novel look. This will make any area treated with 'Flock Off' UV Paint appear threatening.


Birds and their droppings can carry up to 60 different types of disease, see below just a few.

  • Histoplasmosis
    This fungal disease thrives in damp areas rich in organic material such as bird droppings. This air traveling disease can cause symptoms such as fever, dry cough, and migraines.
  • Psittacosis
    This is a highly infectious, bacterial disease. This can easily be transmitted to humans once droppings have dried and the pathogen has become airborne.
  • Cryptococcosis
    This other fungal disease can be found in the roosting sites of pest birds with over 80% of sites testing positive for this disease.

Damage causes by birds

  • Property
    Pigeons' nest in gutters causing blockages in these gutters and down pipes further resulting in overflowing water, near cables causing potential fire hazard and structural damage as these bird pests can lift roof coverings to make entry.
  • Reputation
    Bird infestations do not look good for your business from a customer's point of view, as we are all aware of the disease’s birds can spread which we spoke about above.
  • Physical
    Bird droppings corrode stone, metal, paintwork, and other building materials.
  • Spread of other pests
    Ticks, fleas, lice, and mites are carried by birds and can infest their nests and spread around the building.

Should you require professional advice in dealing with bird related issues, we at Central Pest Control will work in compliance with the Wildlife Act, to provide the service in a humane way.

Every bird infestation can be different, when we arrive on site, we will carry out a full risk assessment to assess the extent of the nest, damage, and how many birds can be seen, before carrying out our recommendations.

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