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Bedbug Concerns

Bedbug Concerns

Bedbug Concerns

Bedbugs are taking over media platforms now. Should you be concerned about the evolution of bed bugs? Make that decision for yourself upon the points below.

Bedbugs are a very difficult to treat pest, not only are they very difficult to spot but as over the years they have become resistant to a lot of insecticides. They can live in many locations, and they do not require a food source. This means professional help is the only solution to treating a bedbug infestation.

Although not known to transmit disease, they will bite and draw blood causing the skin to become itchy and in some cases, people have experienced allergic reactions after being bit by these insects.


  • Lifespan – Bedbugs can survive a year without feeding, meaning they aren’t a pest that will just die off easily.
  • Epidemic – Bedbugs constantly lay eggs; a mother can lay up to 500 eggs in a two-month period, meaning your problem could soon be epidemic.
  • Transmittable – Bedbugs can be easily moved to a completely new site via clothes or luggage.

In all our years in dealing with bedbugs and various parasites, we have found them to be traveling freely on second hand furniture, located recently on a phone charger and laptop. Recently in a vacant property Central Pest Control witnessed bedbugs and flees in harbouraging nesting areas where there was evidence of pigeons. We recently received a call where a customer had found bedbugs in her car after her return from her holiday.

Central Pest Control advise vigilant housekeeping to help identify an infestation early.

If you believe you have a Bedbug Infestation, our professional, licensed service technicians are on hand to help. Don’t hesitate to contact today at Central Pest Control on our helpline Dublin 01 200 5900 or Wicklow 0404 62026 or through the following web links –


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