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Bird Control in Dublin City Center

Bird Control in Dublin City Center

Big thank you to the staff in completing a bird netting job in the Grafton street area.

This particular customer had tried various methods of bird control, however all failed!

We at Central Pest Control were recommended to carry out a risk assessment site survey, denying pigeons and seagulls easy roosting sites. This area had become contaminated and destroyed with bird droppings over the years and as it’s a fire exit and only used for emergencies, this area became a serious health and safety issue.

Step 1 – Survey.
Step 2 – Removal of droppings and clean the entire area.
Step 3 – Decontamination spray treatment.
Step 4 – Risk assessment for height for hire.
Step 5 – Supply and install heavy duty bird netting, seen in picture below.

Access and safety equipment was supplied by Central Pest Control and all staff are trained at working on heights, with Safe Pass and MEWPs.

Let Central Pest Control help you in staying on the right side of the law in dealing with this bird population in the city center and surrounds.


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