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Savage Seagulls in Dublin City

Savage Seagulls in Dublin City

Pigeons and Seagulls have become reliant on humans to supply them their food source. That is why urban areas, populated with food outlets and heavy populated areas are very attractive to pest birds.

Pest Birds can cause a number of problems such as nesting, bird droppings – making pathways unsafe, invasion of roof spaces and disease.

As pigeons and seagulls have come to rely on humans for their survival, they have become a nuisance to people and businesses in Dublin City’s urban areas. Pigeons and Seagulls will want to get comfortable in these areas, where they will build a nest in sheltered structures such as buildings, warehouses, ledges of high rise buildings and in roof voids.

How Central Pest Control can Help Get Rid of your Pigeon Problem

We at Central Pest Control provide a number of bird proofing measures to protect your business. Our measures of bird control will ensure to not cause any harm to pest birds such as Pigeons and Seagulls, while ensuring no damage to your building. All of our bird work is unique and tailored to your specific needs based on our professional evaluation of your situation.

Bird Netting

This is one of the most effective and popular solutions to pest birds that we provide. Central Pest Control can install your bird netting to be virtually invisible.

Netting can be used on most parts of a building such as rooftops, plantrooms and air handling units. and are very versatile. This method is popular as it is economically friendly as once the job is done right, it lasts a long time through a range of weather conditions.

Bird Wiring

Central Pest Control will fit stainless steel posts and wire systems on ledges to create an unstable surface for birds to land on – furthermore preventing pest birds from settling, as per the above photo of Central Pest Control’s work carried out on a Dublin City hotel to help them with their bird issues. Customers like this method as it is more aesthetically pleasing than bird spikes while providing more benefits, making it our second most popular choice for bird control!

Bird Spikes

Flock Off. Bird spikes, another effective bird roosting prevention solution. Like bird wiring these stainless sleet spikes are fitted on to ledges to prevent pest birds settling, protecting your building.

Bird Repellent Gel Deterrent

A less popular method but still effective for bird control. This gel deters both Seagulls and Pigeons from surfaces and is a quick and easy method of bird control but won’t have the same sustainability as our other bird control methods.


Bird Law

Pigeons and Seagulls are protected in Ireland under the Irish Wildlife Act 2000 and are protected particularly during the breeding season. The conservation of birds stems from the EU Birds Directive and EU Habitats Directive which is the foundation of our national wildlife conservation legislation.

Section 40 of the Wildlife Acts restricts the cutting, grubbing, burning or destruction by other means of vegetation growing on uncultivated land or in hedges or ditches during the nesting and breeding season for birds and wildlife from 1st March to 31st August.

It is an offence to remove or disturb a nest during the nesting season. Dormant nests may only be removed during the open season 1st September to 28th February in any one year, depending on a risk assessment site survey.

Every bird infestation can be different, when we arrive on site, we will carry out a full risk assessment to assess the extent of the nest, damage, and how many birds can be seen, before carrying out our recommendations.

Should you require professional advice in dealing with bird related issues, we at Central Pest Control always work in compliance with the Wildlife Act, to provide the service in a humane way.



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