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Rats and Mice Control – Home and Business

Rats and Mice Control – Home and Business

Rats and Mice still on the Move!

Winter in Ireland means for Rats and Mice that it is time to sought after shelter and furthermore a food supply, as the weather turns colder, and rats and mice don’t hibernate during the winter months.

Rats are our most common pest that we receive calls for from distressed Homeowners and Businessowners. Here at Central Pest Control, we have experienced an increase of calls this winter for Rodent Infestations as the temperatures have been particularly cold and are staying this way for some time.


As the temperatures decrease, rodents start to move indoors from the cold and in search of a food supply to stay alive. Having a Rodent Infestation can cause a lot of stress on home and business owners. This stress is caused by the facts that rats and mice will gnaw their way through your property, spread diseases, and contaminate food stuff just to name a few.


Have you heard of Musophobia?

Musophobia is an overwhelming fear of rats and mice. Some individuals suffer from severe revulsion at the sight of a rodent in their home, business, or workplace. This can even lead to depression, stress, and other anxiety disorders. 


Rodents can cause harm to the health of those living in a property or working in a business where a Rodent infestation has occurred.  As we know Rats and Mice spread diseases. It is when humans come in to contact either with rodent urine, their droppings or contaminated food by rodents, they can become very sick. Disease such as Salmonella, Leptospirosis and Rat-bite fever, are all carried by Rats and Mice. These diseases are all very unpleasant and will cause flu like symptoms at the least, such as chills and fever.


Along with dangers to human health, Rodents will also cause damage to your property if they make themselves comfortable in it. Rodents’ incisor teeth are continuously growing, and this therefore causes them to gnaw on almost anything in hope of filing down their teeth. Rats and Mice will gnaw at almost anything such metal, wood, concrete and even glass. They have been known to gnaw through pipes and cables which can become a big concern for home and business owners causing flooding and fires.


If you believe that Rats or Mice have made their way into your Home or Business, Contact Us at Central Pest Control, with over 36 years in dealing with Rodent infestations, you’re in safe hands with our fully licensed and trained technicians who are always happy to help.

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