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Childcare & Creches

Childcare & Creches

Childcare & Creches

Central Pest Control have over thirty-six years in childcare facilities. Our service technicians are fully PMU licenced and work in conjunction with HACCP.

We have seen many demands and changes over the last couple of years in pest management, with replacing all toxic rodenticide with non-toxic methods set out by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine.

How do I keep my business pest free?

  1. Pest proofing – all gaps around pipe runs should be sealed and base of exit and entry doors also should be sealed.
  2. Housekeeping – it is one of the most important ways of maintaining a pest free environment.
  3. Stacking – if you have a build up of stacking n a stores or a roof void, rats, mice, and insects will use it for nesting.
  4. General maintenance – on the surrounds of your property, fix the drippy tap, empty the basin of water as rats will be encouraged to use this as a water supply.

Should a pest problem occur you can contact the office during working hours or email and we can assign a fully trained service technician to take the appropriate measures to prevent reinfestation.

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