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Effective Bird Solutions – Seagulls & Pigeons

Effective Bird Solutions – Seagulls & Pigeons


Did you know?

You can be prosecuted if a bird infestation has been let unattended.

The failure to manage the problem of a bird infestation will lead to health problems, damage to gutters, contamination to building, fire escapes, walkways, noise disturbance and accidents on a wet slippery surface. This can be found in the Food Safety Act 1998.


At Central Pest Control we can provide humane and effective bird solutions for shopping centres, facility management companies and commercial properties throughout Dublin, Wicklow, and Kildare.

We have over thirty-six years of experience in dealing with wildlife management and some of the most common bird infestations have been pigeons and seagulls. We can relate to the damage, the discolouring of buildings and of course the health and safety aspect of bird droppings and their disease.


All our staff are fully insured and experienced in dealing with bird wiring, bird netting and other bird proofing measures. Some of the customers that we have worked with over the years have been some of the largest facility management companies, local authorities, and large food companies in Dublin City. The hospitality sector has been one of the biggest demands in proofing against bird related issues especially in the city centre. We have seen a massive amount of damage to buildings as birds will tear up the lagging on pipes and remove insultation in plant rooms and air handling units.  Some of the most recent calls we have received at Central Pest Control have been down to buildings with sedum roofs as birds are destroying this area.


We have the experience in humanely moving on birds and preventing them returning to their nesting locations on your property. Central Pest Control also provide a service, with experienced staff in decontamination, with offering a full comprehensive risk assessment service.


At Central Pest Control we encourage birds to move on working in compliance with the strict guidelines set out in the Wildlife Act 1976, this can include bird wiring on ledges and sills to prevent birds resting on a particular surface. We have a full range of bird netting in black, grey, and beige mesh to prevent access to locations.


We offer a free risk assessment site survey to commercial businesses, health care sectors and hospitality.


Stay safe and in compliant and let us protect your property from birds today!


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