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Q. Do I need to get rid of mice?

A. Yes, as professional we would always recommend that it is best to get rid of mice. With mice breeding every six weeks causing damage to electric cables, to water pipes and with their spreading of diseases, getting rid of a mouse infestation by a professional should be your priority. These infestations can be difficult to control, don’t waste time in contacting us now.


Q. Can rats get into my home?

A. Yes, rats can get into houses, 80% of a rat infestation is normally drain sewer related. They can climb up to the roof, dig under the foundations and gnaw their way in. We advise acting on getting rid of rats in your home as soon as possible before damage is done and to control the spreading of harmful diseases.


Q. Will my children and pets be safe if you use poison to get rid of rats and mice?

A. You’re right to be concerned about the safety of your family and pets. If poison is used indoors or outdoors this will be concealed in tamper proof, locked bait stations. We’re always very cautious when using rodenticide to kill rats and mice to ensure both children and pets are safe as well as wildlife. Central Pest Control work along with the CRRU guidelines act, ensuring the environment isn’t harmed and we use all rodenticides legally too. Our service technicians are fully licensed with PMU updates and training records, so you can be assured we will get rid of your problem safely for you.


Q. Environmental Health have told me I need to get a pest control company in – can you help?

A. Yes, Central Pest Control deal with environmental Health and the Department of Agriculture a lot so we know exactly how they want pest problems treated and what paperwork in compliance with the Food Safety Authority and HACCP they need. We will do a commercial risk assessment site survey visit free of charge to see what the problem is and what we need to do to solve it and we will give you a written, no obligation quote too. You’ve got nothing to lose by contacting a professional pest control company’s expert advice. However as of 2002, under the control of substance hazardous to health (COSSH) regulations 2002, it is a legal requirement to have a pest control program in place.


Q. What are the signs of a mouse infestation?

A. It is very common to have a mouse infestation. Signs of this would be noises in the attic or walls, droppings scattered around or things that have been chewed or damaged. If you are unsure whether it is mice that you have, contact us for our expert advice before any serious damage is done.


Q. How do I get rid of a wasp nest?

A. Call Central Pest Control covering Dublin, Kildare, and Wicklow, with over 30 years in the pest control industry we are skilled in this difficult to treat problem. Wasps are very aggressive and will sting repeatedly, so our advice is to not get too close to the nest in trying to treat it yourself, as you or the people around you, could get badly stung from an angered wasp.  Always leave wasps’ nest eradication and wasp control to the experts!


Q. What can I do if there are birds in my roof?

A. All birds are protected by Wildlife Legislation, firstly we would need to identify which birds are in the roof to abide by the law. Central Pest Control offer a free commercial survey for the bird related issues you are experiencing, and we would then further decide what steps are best to take for your situation based on over thirty years of experience in the pest control industry. Bird netting and bird wiring are some of the solutions we provide to prevent harbouring and birds perching. We are fully insured in all bird proofing work we carry out.


Q. I think I have bedbugs or biting insects. What do I do?

A. It’s very possible you do have bedbugs or other biting insects such as mites or fleas, in your home. During the warmer months, we treat a lot of these insect problems. You can ring or email us, and we will go through what’s been happening in detail and decide if you have got a pest biting insect problem and what actions can be done about it. We have seen a big increase in bedbug activity due to travel and second-hand furniture purchases.


Q. The staff at work are saying they believe they are getting bitten. What could it be?

A. There are a lot of things this could be. There could be an infestation of biting insects in the office or perhaps there is excess static electricity which is causing skin irritation on your staff. To find out what this could be we would really have to have a look at the problem to make our opinion. Contact us with details.


Q. We keep hearing noises in the roof and walls. What could be causing them?

A. Rats, mice, and grey squirrels invade roofs and walls, we also find birds and wasps nest do too. Contact Central Pest Control with the details before any pest damage is done to your roof vid or home. We can offer a survey to find out what is causing the problem and advise what solution is best.


Q. How can I keep rats and mice out of my garden?

A. Rats are always nearby, from your boiler room to your shed they’re never too far! Keeping them out of your garden is very difficult due to rats being very inquisitive and neighbours feeding wildlife and pests outdoors. Contact us for a professional, discreet service based on details of the problem you believe to have, and we would be happy to give our expert opinion.


Q. Do hens and ducks attract rats?

A. Yes, rats are attracted to hens and ducks like magnets. They steal their eggs and could even kill the hens and ducks in this process. Rats carry and spread diseases which will make hens and ducks ill too.  Sorting out any rat problems is recommended to be done sooner than later before further damage is done. We in pest control would never recommend a DIY baiting programme in dealing with an infestation in or around ducks, hens, or any other wildlife matters.


Q. Are bees protected?

A. No, bees aren’t a protected species, but they do need all the help they can get. Due to the environment and disease the bee population has decreased which is bad for the whole of the ecosystem.


Q. Can you treat ants safely if I have children and pests?

A. Just as we are when putting down poison for rats and mice, we are very careful when using ant treatments, so that your children and pests are safe both with indoor and outdoor treatments. Contact us with the details of your problem so we can get rid of the ant problem safely for you.


Q. I have a pest control contract with another company, can you still provide a quote?

A. For commercial sectors we can provide you with a risk assessment inspection free of charge to see what pest control specification you have and what cover you would require to be in compliance with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine regarding permanent baiting guidelines. Central Pest Control pest management programmes work closely with the Food Safety Authority and are all HACCP friendly. We will give you a written no obligation quotation. We believe it is always a good idea to get another opinion and you have nothing to lose in doing s in this case.


Q. Do you provide emergency pest control service?

A. Yes, for all existing customers Central Pest Control are always on hand for pest control emergencies you may have. Contact our Dublin office on 01 200 5900 or our Wicklow office 0404 62026 with detailed information.


Q. Can you arrive in an unmarked vehicle?

A. Yes, we can visit in an unmarked pest control vehicle, if requested. Although pest control is a very professional and audited service that is fully licensed nowadays, we do understand If you’d rather us to be discreet with our visit.

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