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Bedbugs are Making a Comeback – not only in Paris.

Bedbugs are Making a Comeback – not only in Paris.

Warnings issued for thousands of Irish over major bedbugs outbreak in the popular tourist destination. Irish visitors who visited the capital for both the Rugby World Cup and Paris Fashion Week have reported seeing these unwanted visitors and have explained their fears of bringing them into their own homes after their travels.

Bedbugs have been reported to be seen in Paris on trains, metros, and a ferry. With claims people are being bitten on trains by this insect. Cinema owners have reported decline in attendance after videos emerged online showing what appears to be bed bugs on cinema seats in Paris. Concerns for French capital grow as it is set to host the 2024 Summer Olympics next summer.


Bed bugs will bite and feed on human and animal blood. Their pattern of bites are usually in a line making it easier to identify if it was a bed bug that has bitten you. The bites will become itchy and sore, and you will notice blood stains on your bed sheets as they mostly feed on humans while they are asleep.

It is important to be aware of how to check for bedbugs in your hotel room and what to do if you spot one.

Each year during the summer months Central Pest Control see a rise in bedbug activity as more people are traveling during these months and bringing back their baggage into their homes. Each year this increase gets bigger and bigger.


Bedbugs are known for hopping from place to place and will spread easily through clothing and luggage. Meaning you could be bringing back these bugs from your holiday back into your home via your suitcase or think about where your suitcase has been in the travel process.


What are bedbugs and what do they look like?

Bedbugs are oval, flat, wingless, small dark reddish-brown insects that feed on blood of humans and animals. They usually bite people while they are sleeping – so the areas of the body exposed such as head, shoulders, arms, and legs are common places for bedbugs to bite.


The presence of bedbugs isn’t a sign of uncleanliness in hotels but more so a bedbugs travel success. Visitors of any hotel and those visiting hostels and Airbnb’s should be cautious of bringing bed bugs home from their stay especially in cities where an increase in bedbug infestations have been reported.


How to check your hotel room for bedbugs:

  1. Inspecting your hotel room before bringing your suitcase into the sleeping area and unpacking your belongings will be beneficial.
  2. By turning off the lights and using the torch on your phone is the best way to spot these nocturnal insects.
  3. First place to check is the mattress and bedding as these are the most common spots you will find bed bugs.
  4. Check walls for dark stains.
  5. Odour – Bedbugs give off a musty dour.
  6. Important to note to check mini fridges and ironing boards for sightings and blood stains.


If you do believe your hotel room has a bedbug infestation it is wise to contact accommodation as most hotels already have pest prevention measures in place and would relocate you to a different room and will proceed to contact us to deal with the problem swiftly and effectively.


Bedbugs will lay eggs and multiply at a fast rate so the sooner you act the better when it comes to bedbugs. If you believe you have a bedbug infestation in your home, contact a member of the team here at Central Pest Control here we specialize in bedbug control measures with all our staff fully licensed and qualified in dealing with this specific pest.


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