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F is for flies…Top tips to eliminate filthy flies

F is for flies…Top tips to eliminate filthy flies

F is for flies…Top tips to eliminate filthy flies from the home or office

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Flies are an utter annoyance and can pose a danger to your family and believe it or not are capable carriers of salmonella, parasitic worms and other dangerous bacteria which can lead to vomiting bugs and other illnesses…yes, when you read it out loud, it’s scary!

The most common fly this summer in Ireland is the house fly. They feed on decomposing food and animal faeces which include the contents of your bin, bird poo in your guttering and dog poo in the garden – all chief magnets for swarms of the undesirables.

You’ve all heard the old wives tales on getting rid of flies right? Bags filled with water deter house flies is one that springs to mind, seriously??! Ignore and read a couple of CPCs methods that are proven to be more effective.

**First off, make sure any bins are securely covered and wheely bins are placed away from windows.

**Finished your lunch in the office canteen and didn’t get around to cleaning up? Bad mistake. This is a prime opportunity for flies to lay their eggs. Never leave food out uncovered.

**Limit stagnant water in around your home or office as flies are easily attracted to water.

**Last but not least, make sure to clean up after your furry pet friends more often. Flies are attracted to animal faeces. In the unlikely event that your dog hasn’t finished his food, ensure and cover it up!

Looking for another old wives’ tale to entertain? Try using a mixture of lavender, basil, malt vinegar and clove..might be waiting a while for that one to work!



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