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To the urban dweller, rabbits are harmless, docile little pets. However, to the farmer, green keeper, vegetable grower, stud-farm owner and anyone else earning a living from the land, they are an ever present scourge.

Damage Caused by Rabbits

The endless burrowing of rabbits into both natural and man-made banks causes serious erosion of hedgerows, root structures, fences and gate posts. Established burrow structures can extend several meters underground to break through the surface into paddocks, etc. where livestock, particularly horses, are liable to fracture limbs as a result of stepping into them.

Each rabbit eats an average of 500 grams of green matter daily, so colonies will have a marked effect on vegetation near their warrens.

Rabbits cause a serious nuisance in organic gardens and domestic plantations and can clear a garden in just one night, thus causing significant loss of revenue. Landscaped areas become particularly difficult to maintain when rabbits are present, particularly when trying to grow young saplings.


Rabbits are classed as vermin in almost every country in the world and, as such, are not protected by law in Ireland. We use an array of methods to control rabbits, both modern and traditional, with tailor-made programmes to suit your specific needs.


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