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When décor becomes reality

When décor becomes reality

What happens when a Spooktacular Halloween display becomes real life?

When we think of Halloween we think of spiders. They are everywhere from the supermarket to schoolyard; spider decorations are everywhere. As we see critters such as spiders, bats and other creepy insects invade our homes in the form of décor, homeowners should also be aware of real-life pests during this time of year.

During colder months spiders move indoors to protect their web from winter winds. Fortunately, our Halloween pest control experts at Central Pest Control can help you scare these creepy-crawlies away.

Feel the fear

Most people do not like spiders however some people have a more extreme reaction and are terrified, known as arachnophobia.

Spotting a spider crawling on the wall would fright just about anyone. Although they get a bad rap, not all are dangerous. Homeowners should be aware of the Brown Recluse spider, the Black Widow spider, and the Hobo spider as these types of spiders will give a nasty bite when disturbed.

Some consider the arrival of a spider in your home a sign of good luck however depending on the spider, you might have other concerns on your mind.

Pest Control Tip – Central Pest Control

If you spot a white spider above your bed, don’t panic. This is regarded as good luck.

But if it’s a black spider? well that’s not so good.


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