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Pigeons Roosting

Pigeons Roosting

Pigeons can be a serious problem for businesses and homeowners. Pigeons bring germs and infections to your residence and unless they are dealt with by experts, then the problem will only get worse.

To tackle the pigeon problem that you are having, we first need to figure out why this is happening. Generally pigeons will be roosting in are for one of two reasons; there is a food source near by and they have a vantage point or the area is suitable for breeding. Pigeons find flat covered spaces to be ideal for this.

When pigeons are in the area for a food source, this will lead to daytime roosting and when they are there for breeding it will be nighttime roosting. It could be the case that you are subject to both day and night time roosting.

The big issue with pigeons is their droppings. These are both an eye sore but more seriously carry huge amounts of germs and infections. If you were a customer would you eat in a restaurant that has their outside area covered in bird droppings? Absolutely not, it will drive your customers away. That is why at the first sign of pigeons, you need to call the experts at Central Pest Control. As well as being an eyesore, pigeon droppings can be corrosive and damage metal. If your pigeon problem is not treated accordingly you could be left with a much bigger problem on your hands and a much bigger bill to pay for the repairs.

For example if you are having issues with pigeons roosting on a ledge, we can install spikes to pigeon proof your residence. These spikes have proved hugely succesful in deterring pigeons and removing the problem. Similarly we can proof any flat surfaces that pigeons may be using for breeding.

To help prevent a pigeon infestation, ensure that all food is correctly disposed of and no waste food is left around as if there is no food source for the pigeons they will be less likely to roost.

Pigeons are often seen as just a bird and some people do not see the importance of pigeon control. Our team of experienced, qualified experts will be able to find out the reason why pigeons are roosting at your location and treat accordingly. Without expert knowledge of the root cause of the pigeon problem, you will not be able to rid your premises of the pest. Our fully qualified technicians use the very latest and humane bird control products and methods to ensure a speedy and effective resolution to your bird-related problems. Protect your property today. Call us at 1890 906195 or email

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