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Pigeon Control – Threat from Above

Pigeon Control – Threat from Above

Pigeon Control – Threat from Above

When most people think of pigeons, they think of the birds as harmless creatures. In fact pigeons can be one of the most harmful pests to attack your home or business. Pigeons can attack your business from above and contaminate your premises with their droppings putting your health and stock at risk. Pigeon feces is highly corrosive and can damage metal, so the damage that these birds cause can be both structural as well as a health risk. The damage that pigeons can cause to your business can be hugely damaging and therefore can cost a lot of money to repair, it is imperative that you get your business assesed by our professionals at the earliest opportunity.

Business owners need to be acutely aware of the threat posed by pigeons. Pigeons will flock towards wherever they can get food and drink. Leftover food, ingredients improperly stored, poor waste management, can all attract the airborne pests to your business.

Due to the perception many people have of pigeons, they will often neglect to treat this issue as serious as they should and may perhaps try resolve the issue themselves. This is the biggest mistake you can make. If you notice an issue at your premises with pigeons, call the experts immediately. When pigeons roost at a location, they will attract other pests and soon the pigeons may be the least of your issues.

Our team of experienced, qualified experts will be able to find out the reason why pigeons are roosting at your location and treat accordingly. Without expert knowledge of the root cause of the pigeon problem, you will not be able to rid your premises of the pest. Our fully qualified technicians use the very latest and humane bird control products and methods to ensure a speedy and effective resolution to your bird-related problems. Protect your property today. Call us at 1890 906195 or email



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