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Pest Control Legislation in Ireland

Pest Control Legislation in Ireland

Pest Control Licence

For many years, anticoagulant rodenticides have been used for both preventive and corrective rodent control by pest control companies, as part of a structured service visitation schedule. However from January 1st 2018 this will no longer be possible.

As you may be aware, there has been widespread rodenticide contamination of Wildlife across the World and Ireland is no exception. This contamination is so serious that when the anticoagulant rodenticide products were presented for renewal in 2017, under the EU Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR), they were only allowed on the market with considerable restrictions.

Permanent baiting is now restricted to sites where there is identified target rodent activity which cannot be controlled by other means such as trapping, proofing or environmental modification. If permanent baiting is deemed necessary because there is a high risk of re invasion from neighbouring infested sites, only certain products can be used. The requirement for their continued use must be consistent with the product label instructions and must be assessed and documented by way of environmental risk assessment every 35 days.


These changes also include a new category of Trained Professional Rodenticide User (Pest Control Technicians). The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM), which is the Irish regulatory authority, requires every person offering a pest management service to register as a Pest Management Trained Professional User (PMU) and receive a PMU Number from the January 1st 2018.


Prosecution of Pest Control Technicians for using rodenticides illegally can result in fines, imprisonment or both.

It will be necessary for Pest Control Technicians and their employers to restructure rodent pest control services to comply with their legal responsibilities.

Leave it to the Professionals

At Central Pest Control we have been preparing for this change for some time. We are very pleased to inform our customers that all of our technicians are now registered PMUs.

No doubt there will be changes in the structure of our rodent monitoring and management services in order to comply with the legislation. Any resulting cost that arises from this compliance will be clearly explained and agreed with our customers.

We here at Central Pest Control take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. As valued customers we hope that you will support us in using rodenticides responsibly and legally. Working together we can implement a responsible, legal and successful rodent pest management programme at your site.

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