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Cockroaches and Ants

Cockroaches and Ants

Cockroaches and Ants

In Ireland, some insect infestations can occur all year round, while others tend to be more seasonal in nature. At Central Pest Control, our experts treat each insect problem individually, providing comprehensive eradication and prevention both inside and outside the home and/or workplace.


In recent months, we have recorded a dramatic rise in ant-related queries from both residential and commercial customers alike. This phenomenon is most likely attributable to the climatic changes that Ireland has been experiencing in recent years.

Although many people perceive ants – of which there are around 30 species in Ireland – as a mere nuisance, they can in fact pose a threat to human health due to the germs they carry and their tendancy to seek out and consume foodstuffs. Ants can also cause structural damage to buildings and outhouses, with their tenacious capacity to burrow underground and damage traditional construction sealants such as cement, grout, etc.

Cases of flying ants are also on the increase. Swarms of winged ants can cause alarm and fear, especially to children. As always, we recommend prevention first! Contact us today if you are concerned about a possible ant problem in your home or workplace.


Cockroaches can cause serious health problems, including salmonella and gastroenteritis. More recently, cockroaches have been linked to a rise in cases of asthma.

Cockroaches secrete an oily liquid and excrement that has an offensive smell. It is commonly believed that cockroaches leave chemical trails in their excrement, which other cockroaches then follow to discover food, water and hiding places. The health risk posed by cockroaches in commercial food premises may also lead to compulsory closure orders.

Since cockroaches are nocturnal and have an aversion to light, infestations are not usually noticed until they are well established. It is therefore vital to contact a professional pest controller as soon as you identify an infestation.


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