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    Author: Central Pest Control | Thursday 26/04/2018

    Central Pest Control provide complete range of pest control management services throughout Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare.


    Rats, mice and other rodents are some of the most common pests in Ireland. A rodent infestation in the home or workplace can potentially have very serious consequences, posing a significant threat to human health and well being. If you suspect you have a problem with rodents, don’t ignore it – contact the experts at Central Pest Control today.

    Our services include –

    • Complete range of toxic baiting
    • Non-toxic monitoring and baiting solutions
    • complete range of products and services for every solution

    Crawling and Flying Insects

    In Ireland, some insect infestations can occur all year round, while others tend to be more seasonal in nature. At Central Pest Control, our experts treat each insect problem individually, providing comprehensive eradication and prevention both inside and outside the home and/or workplace.

    Our services include –

    • Full Range of crawling and flying insect monitoring solutions
    • Innovative and unique range of fly control units
    • Insect identification and population trend analysis
    • Full range of insect proofing – Fly Screens, Doors and Mesh
    • Proactive bed bug inspection programme
    • Stored product insect treatment and monitoring
    • Wasp monitoring and baiting programme
    • Cockroach monitoring and baiting programme
    • ULV treatments

    Bird Control

    Birds frequently nest in drain gutters, resulting in blockages that can cause flooding and water damage. Bird droppings are also highly acidic and corrode metal and concrete, causing numerous structural problems. Furthermore, where bird nests are located close to electrical cables or installations, their nesting materials can create a serious fire hazard. Birds nesting in chimneys or ventilation systems can also cause air-flow blockages and give rise to potentially serious situations. Last but not least, birds host numerous types of parasites and carry many kinds of infectious diseases.

    Our services include –

    • Full Range of pest bird control solutions
    • Bird clearing service
    • Bird proofing, full range of bird netting, wire and spikes
    • Full range of bird scaring and deterrent system

    Anti Bacterial treatments also available.

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Paul Davitt, Procurement and Finance Manager Tetrarch Hospitality

I have used CPC for over 10 years at various locations in the hospitality industry.
Brendan and his team are very knowledgeable and I have no hesitation in recommending Brendan and his team.

Paul Davitt, Procurement and Finance Manager Tetrarch Hospitality
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