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Nursing Homes


Pest Control in Nursing Homes and the Healthcare Sector

Professional Pest Control Services carried out to the highest standards by Central Pest Control, with over three decades dealing with most audited pest management issues.

During COVID-19, we have seen many changes in the healthcare sectors regarding maintaining a healthy pest free environment. New regulations have been implemented by the HSE regarding air flow, as windows and doors will be open from time to time. Central Pest Control can provide insect fly screens and high specification fly screens made to measure doors, denying flies easy access and prevent cross contamination.

Flies carry and spread a wide range of gastro-enteric illness and food poisoning organisms. During the summer months these include diphtheria, cholera, and dysentery.

Some of the most common pests found in retirement homes are:

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Ants
  • Flies
  • Seagulls
  • Pigeons

We are a 100% Irish owned business and our service technicians have up to date PMU licences in carrying out our services. Working in compliance with the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine regarding permanent baiting and the use of non-toxic rodenticide. Our staff are fully equipped with PPE gear in compliance with our COVID-19 statement.

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