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Bird Control

Bird Control

Bird control carried out by Central Pest Control. Big thanks to Gino’s Gelato Grafton Street, Dublin for allowing us to use this photograph.

Birds frequently nest in drain gutters, resulting in blockages that can cause flooding and water damage, while nests made in chimneys or ventilation systems can cause air-flow blockages, giving rise to potentially serious situations. Birds can also exploit even the smallest gap in your eaves, making the opening bigger and creating a serious headache for the homeowner long after their chicks have flown the nest.

Furthermore, if bird nests are located close to electrical cables or installations, their nesting materials can potentially create a fire hazard. Bird droppings are also highly acidic, corroding both metal and concrete to cause potential structural problems. Finally, Birds host numerous types of parasites and carry many kinds of infectious diseases.

Pigeons Pose Problems

Pigeons are the top urban pest bird in Ireland and everywhere, frequently causing damage wherever they root. Since urban pigeons are descended from domesticated European homing pigeons, they are comfortable making their nests in man-made structures. Generally blue-grey in colour with iridescent feathers around the neck and head, their short legs and hind toes allow for effortless perching on pipes and ledges. They frequently nest in small, flat areas above the ground, such as building ledges, air-conditioning units, under roof eaves and on window sills.

Pigeon activity around buildings can lead to structural damage, as these resourceful pests are quite capable of lifting roof coverings to make an entry – especially if the covering is already displaced. This can allow significant water penetration into the building and subsequent decay. Pigeon feathers, faeces and other detritus can also block rainwater drainage systems, creating additional water-penetration risks and decay problems. Nesting activity is especially dangerous in this respect, as pigeons often nest in parapet gutters, leading to complete blockages in a short space of time.

Pigeons carry mites which can cause skin disorders, while dirt from their feathers can exacerbate respiratory problems. As if that wasn’t enough, they also carry a range of diseases, many of which are transmissible to humans, particularly if droppings contaminate foodstuffs. Around food premises, therefore, the presence of pigeons simply cannot be tolerated.

Humane Bird-Control Solutions

If you have a bird-related issue in your home or workplace, a good pest-control professional will be able to help. Using the latest- and completely humane – bird-netting and/or wiring solutions, your local accredited pest controller will be able to ensure a speedy and effective resolution to any issues you may be experiencing.

The usual procedure for assessing and managing a bird-control problem is as follows:

  • Risk Assessment: A full survey of the affected area will be conducted to identify the cause and nature of the problem.
  • Pest Management Program: Following on from the survey, a tailor-made bird prevention strategy to suit your premises will be developed.
  • Custom Design: To ensure that prevention is effective, bird screens – made from netting or wiring – should be custom built to fit your exact requirements.
  • Installation: Qualified Central Pest Control technicians – with over 30 years’ experience in bird control – will then install the preventative plastic spikes to ensure complete effectiveness and quality.

As with all types of pest infestation, prevention is always better than cure when it comes to bird control. Simply ignoring the problem means you could end up paying dearly for it overall.

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