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Warning! Pigeons pose risks to people & property

  • October 23, 2020
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Warning! Pigeons pose risks to people & property

Warning! Pigeons pose risks to people & property

You’re most likely guilty of thinking of pigeons as harmless feathery friends…the majority of us are. It’s one of the main reasons the health risks and structural damage caused by these short legged guys are completely underestimated by businesses nationwide. Their droppings can put your colleagues’ health at risk, not to mention deface buildings, contaminate foodstuffs..the destructive list is pretty lengthy. Their nests can also provide a breeding ground for other pests and diseases. With all of this in mind, you may now wish that they would just fly off elsewhere!

The reality is that pigeons cause damage wherever they roost. If they have set up home at your premises, take note that treating a bird infestation is especially complex and should only be undertaken by trained professionals. If you are experiencing problems with the scourge of urban pigeons, don’t stress, contact us at (CPC) Central Pest Control today. Our fully qualified technicians use the very latest and humane bird control products and methods to ensure a speedy and effective resolution to your bird-related problems. Protect your property today. Call us at 1890 906195 or email

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