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Bird Control Dublin

Bird Control Dublin

Pigeons Roosting

Pigeons AKA ‘Rats with Wings’

Why do we dread these pests over other animals? 

Since the 1930s pigeons have been causing havoc to our cities. From nesting on roofs to defecating buildings. They are commonly known as ‘Rats with Wings’ but do we have reason to despise these birds? Let us take a look

Noise: These pesky birds invade spaces that are not designed for them. They have settled in urban areas and industrial estates and are comfortable making their nest in manmade structures. Their short legs and hind toes permit easy perching on pipes and ledges.

Faeces: Not only do they invade our space they also destroy it with their droppings. Their waste is highly acidic and will corrode metal and concrete. Pigeons also carry mites which can cause skin disorders, while dirt from their feathers can exacerbate respiratory problems.

Disease: Most importantly they are a health risk to us. Pigeons and their excretion spread over 60 different diseases. Histoplasmosis, Salmonella and E.coli to name just a few.

Image: A pigeon infestation will promote a bad company image. Seeing a flock of pigeons nesting on the roof of any building or its ledge does not portray a top company image.

Damage: Pigeons nest in drain gutters, blocking them causing damage. They also nest near cables which could lead to a serious fire hazard. Pigeon activity around buildings often leads to structural damage as these resourceful pests can lift roof coverings to make an entry.

How do we control these pesky pests?

In the 20th century, pigeons were controlled by killing them however nowadays bird control is much more humane. Controlling them now means preventing them nesting on YOUR building and moving them elsewhere. Our highly trained staff at Central Pest Control can help in moving these birds from your building by putting netting or bird wiring of any shape or size to fit your pest control needs depending on the area invaded.

Did you know? A pigeon dispenses over 10 kg of dung a year!

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