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Ants Damaging Home and Business

Ants Damaging Home and Business

Ants are often an overlooked pest however they could cause damage to your business and home. Even though ants are social insects they can be dangerous pests. they are categorized into three classes – males, queens and workers with the males and females responsible for reproduction. Queens are the largest measuring twice the size of workers.

If you spot swarming winged ants inside the house, it’s a clear indication there are ants near and we would advise you to contact us here at Central Pest Control. Ants love places with moisture and rotting wood. You will usually find them in bathrooms and kitchens in your home and in canteens in the workplace.


Ants are known to cause major health risks through contamination of food, through their bits and prints they will spread bacteria such as Salmonella and disease such as smallpox, very fast, casing health risks but also company reputation. People can be allergic to their bite and in a serious case could go into anaphylactic shock. Other than health they will also damage your property, structures, equipment and appliances.


In the late summer months of July and August, reproduction will occur from the nest and will emerge large numbers over a short time. This swarming often occurs from many nests at the same time.

Ants will nest in a whole variety of suitable sites commonly sandy soil and sand used to pave garden paths and they could invade construction beneath the floor of the house. We at Central Pest Control have found nests in electrical sockets and at the base of plant pots.

Signs of Infestation

  • Colonies – these are easy to spot they will dig underground so you will see signs of disturbed soil, usually found near entrance to colony.
  • Debris – when building colonies, they will discard any waste and debris including dead ants, called frass, sand like substance which indicates colony is near
  • Visible – lastly most infestations as obvious by sighting the pest with the naked eye.

Housekeeping and proofing

  • Reduce food access where possible
  • Clear away unwanted food and spillages from under kitchen units and re fridge freezers.
  • Seal foods with sealed bags and containers to deny them a food source.
  • Don’t leave sweet sticky food around such as cakes and sugar content.
  • Stay tidy and keep surfaces and utensils clean as good house keeping measures.

Why seek professional help

  • Central Pest Control have the know how to prevent infestations and deal with them quickly and efficiently.
  • We know ants hiding places and their habits so will find the source quickly.
  • We also have all the suitable equipment needed to deliver a solution to your problem.
  • Central Pest Control have over thirty years experience in the pest control industry in the domestic and commercial sectors.

What we do 

  • Carry out a full risk assessment survey.
  • Identify source, ant colony and line of travel.
  • Protect your property from future infestations and future damage.
  • Eliminate ants with our suitable equipment in compliance with the food safety guidelines.
  • Cooperate with you for the best customized solution for you during the ant season.

All of our service technicians have a PMU license in compliance with the strict guidelines set out under health and safety.

Call Central Pest Control today if you think you are at risk of an ant infestation or are experiencing one. We will carry out a risk assessment survey to the affected areas and treat the nest safely, efficiently and completely.

Get in touch by calling 1890 906195 or email us

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