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  • Beware Queens On The Move
    Author: Central Pest Control | Monday 20/04/2015

    This warm spring weather we’re currently enjoying is when queen wasps are roused from their hibernation. If you see a wasp at this time of year, it’s almost certainly a queen – they are larger and brighter than other wasps and are the only ones to survive the winter cold.

    While you might only think of wasps as being a pest during the summer months, now is the best time to prevent a potential problem later by checking your attic, hot press, garden shed, garage, outbuildings, etc., for nests.

    Generally only the size of a golf ball at this time of the year (see first image below), wasp nests grow rapidly as summer progresses. Last year, we were called out to remove one particular nest – in a hot press of all places – that was two feet wide and almost six feet long (second image)!

    So the message today is to check your premises carefully and nip the problem in the bud before it’s too late…

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Paul Davitt, Procurement and Finance Manager Tetrarch Hospitality

I have used CPC for over 10 years at various locations in the hospitality industry.
Brendan and his team are very knowledgeable and I have no hesitation in recommending Brendan and his team.

Paul Davitt, Procurement and Finance Manager Tetrarch Hospitality
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