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There’s a mouse in my house

There’s a mouse in my house

There is nothing worse than the unwanted house guest who damages your furniture, eats all your food without asking and stays up all night when you’re trying to get some sleep. We are of course referring to the unwanted infestation of rodents such as mice. The most effective way to get rid of unwanted mice in your home is to prevent entry in the first place. So start as you mean to go on…mouse proof your home today!

**The secret is to find out how they are getting into your house in the first place. Surprisingly, many rodents come in the same way we do; straight through the door. These creatures are born opportunists. Avoid leaving doors open especially in the late evening & night-time when rodents are most active.

**Removing potential food sources from your home will make it far less attractive for mice. A couple of crumbs can go a long way for these furry guys as they only require small quantities of food to get by. Crumbs under the couch are a gourmet treat, and a cookie lost by a toddler is a mouse family buffet. Keep food off the floor, empty bins on a daily basis & store any opened packets of food in airtight containers…a couple of simple tips.

**Probably the toughest but most effective way to keep mice at bay is to seal openings. If a mouse can get its head through an opening, you can be sure the body can go through as well. They only need about ¼ of an inch wide opening. When you do find holes in and around your home, you need to seal them as soon and as strongly as possible.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a mouse infestation, make sure they don’t ruin your summer. Call in the experts to help you manage the problem today. Whatever your pest or wildlife control needs are, Central Pest Control are here to help. Call our professional and friendly team today who will be happy to help 1890 906195.


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