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The misunderstood house spider

The misunderstood house spider

They may live in your attic, inhabit the houseplant in the corner of the living room, or perhaps have set up home in your basement. Despite their reputation, they just want a simple life…quietly killing off insects around your home, insects who we might point out want to take your food. They’re somewhat on your side and slightly misunderstood.

A couple of other interesting facts you may not be aware of….

  • Putting a house spider outside could kill it: We’ve all done it. Trapped the spider in a cup and released it outside. While this may appear to be a somewhat noble sentiment, you’re essentially putting something “back” outside that was never outside in the first place. Some house spiders can live outside quite happily, some will not do so well and some will perish very quickly (mainly those who are native to other climates). In actual fact, you are not doing the house spider any favours by putting them outside. Take note.
  • They don’t use plumbing to get inside: How many times have you found a spider trapped in your sink or bathtub? It’s understandable that one would assume that’s how they got inside in the first place. The truth is house spiders are thirsty creatures and are naturally drawn to areas such as sinks where they are sure to find drops of water to quench their thirst. Once their inside, it can prove difficult for them to escape the slick-sided porcelain bases. You could say they’re trapped…
  • They post very little danger: They really don’t deserve their scary reputation. They prey on insects and other small creatures. They are not bloodsuckers and have no real reason to bite a human or any animal which would be too large for them to eat. If they do by chance bite a human, most species’ venom only causes moderate effects. Fear not!

In summary, you can’t realistically stop the house spider, you can only hope to contain them. So, rather than trying to fight them off, why not sit back and marvel at them?  It will make life a lot easier going forward.

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