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Pest advice for controlling Starlings

Although a native to this country, our permanently resident starling population is swelled every autumn by migrants arriving from the Continent. Starlings may roost in their thousands on ledges on buildings and in trees in city centres. Their droppings deface and erode stonework and make pavements slippery. In domestic lofts, their nesting activities can build large piles of twigs, leaves and associated fouling. Insect and mite pests can find their way from this into the house.


Proofing with nets on buildings and mesh on entry points to houses are the most effective methods. Scaring devices used by trained personnel can be effective in some situations. This work can be carried out by a professional pest controller subject to an appropriate licence having been issued.

Having problems with starlings?

For any bird work, we would strongly recommend contacting a professional pest control company. They are trained in bird control and will have access to a range of professional use products and tools which are not available to the public.

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