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Bluebottle (Calliphoridae)

Bluebottle (Calliphoridae)

The Bluebottle is a large buzzing fly with shiny, metallic blue body, 6-12mm long. One Bluebottle can lay up to 600 eggs, which in warm weather will hatch in under 48 hours and produce maggots which can become fully developed in a week. These maggots burrow into meat or carrion as they feed on it, and then pupate, often in loose soil, for about ten days before emerging as adult flies from the brown pupal case.


Keep dustbins clean, with tight lids and away from doors or windows.

Keep meat and other food covered. Use an insecticidal dustbin powder. Indoors, use an aerosol fly spray. Consider fitting fly screens over kitchen and dining area windows.

Electrical fly killers can also be useful in mopping up those flies that do manage to get into your building.

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