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The Importance of Buying a Pest Free Property

The Importance of Buying a Pest Free Property

Making sure your new home purchase is pest free is probably not the top thing thought comes to mind when buying a new home, but Central Pest Control can take this worry off of your hands. We are aware that new homeowners have other priorities during these times. We can provide a pest control inspection both pre and after purchase.

If you wish, Central Pest Control can conduct a risk assessment pest control inspection of a property you are highly considering buying, to put your mind at ease before your purchase. We will determine if we believe there are any pest related issues in this property and whether if there is a problem and if it will be a costly one for you. Our trained, insured, licensed technicians will determine if there are any current pest activity in the home or if the home has a history of pest issues which could continuously cause you problems in the future!

With over thirty years of dealing with all sorts of pest related issues, we have come across established mice infestations, rats living under the extension of new builds and one the most common pest we find on a regular basis is the dreaded bed bugs. Only yesterday we came across a penthouse in the South Dublin area’s sale fall through because of a wasp infestation. Don’t let this happen to you, keep reading below.

Central Pest Control will inspect the full interior and exterior of your property, and also very importantly your drains. If our findings show up of pest issues in the home, we will give you a quote for work to be carried out, which you as the buyer can report back to the seller of the property. It is of the sellers responsibility to deal with this pest problem before the buyer purchases, to avoid these current pest issues do not fall into the hands of the buyer, causing you extra costs post purchase and some serious health issues.

Our customers have a great sense of relief when we have carried out our pre purchase inspection, as they don’t have to worry that they will have to deal with a pest problem just as they move into their lovely new home, putting their minds at ease – no one wants to move into a home that vermin have beat you to it and already made themselves comfortable in – rent free!

We know that buying a house is a stressful enough time so let us take this part of the worry and stress off of you by booking in for one of our pre purchase pest inspection to your new home.

As we know in pest control prevention is better than cure and the sooner you detect a pest issue the better, as the bigger the problem the more costly and time consuming it will be. Addressing these issues before finalising the purchase ensures you are not left with the blunt of the costs of dealing with an infestation that was already there, when you have only just moved into the home.

If you wish to avail of this service or would like to know further information, contact one of the team today, we are always happy to help.

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