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How To get Rid Of Fruit Flies

How To get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies (Drosophila sp)

As we our aware, the warmer weather brings around a variety of flying insects both inside and outside of your properties. Fruit flies are one of these pests, also known as vinegar fly. These red eyed flies have slow hovering flight with their abdomen hanging downwards.  As temperatures rise you may notice fruit flies appearing inside your home. They are usually found in kitchens as they are drawn to fruit bowls, sinks and household bins. They are usually a result of food being left to rot as they are attracted to moist fermented foods. 

Along with foods, they are also drawn to drink spillages such as sugary drinks spillage or alcohol spills that have not been mopped up, this is a common cause of fruit flies in the hospitality sectors, particularly bars and restaurants.  A fruit fly infestation is very difficult to control once they invade your home as they are experts at reproducing. A female can lay up to 500 eggs at a time and repeat every day for 20 days. This is why customers will suddenly experience a couple fruit flies to turn into a full-blown infestation just over night.

How to get rid of fruit flies:

  • Remove breeding source: It is important to maintain good housekeeping measures and avoid leaving rotted food around as this is most likely the cause of your fly infestation. By avoiding leaving fermented or rotted food around your home you are eliminating a breeding source for these insets.
  • Compost bins: Fruit flies will be drawn to compost bins if there has been food left over a certain amount of time. Regularly cleaning your household compost bin along with keeping a lid on it, is another measure to getting rid of fruit flies.
  • Cover Food: It is important to not leave cut up food out uncovered as this will attract fruit flies. Keeping leftover foodstuffs in containers with a lid is important.
  • Dishes: Don’t let dirty dishes build up in your home as this will draw fruit flies, as they are also attracted to sink areas.

Although fruit flies are not known for carrying major diseases, they will cause contamination both in households and in the hospitality sector, so keeping fruit flies at bay is essential for health to avoid causing sickness and it is important for maintaining a good company image.

DIY Natural Pest Control Tip to Get Rid of Fruit Flies:

  1. Add a couple drops of soap to a bowl of vinegar.
  2. Leave the bowl uncovered for a few hours.
  3. The flies will be drawn to the vinegar and the soap in the vinegar will mean the flies will sink and drown.

Fruit flies are a very tricky infestation to control without professional help.

Best Pest Control measures to take to get rid of Fruit Flies:

Housekeeping and Proofing is the first line of defense, to deny an infestation from becoming established. We at Central Pest Control have the latest technology in fly control units for front of shop and for main commercial kitchens and bars. A lot of our customers have seen a decrease in their costs of running our LED Fly Control Units compared to their old traditional EFK Unit. 

Domestic and Commercial insect fly screens are all made to measure for windows and doors. Not only denying fruit flies but all other flying insects such as wasps, bluebottles, and house flies.

If you have tried our tips for how to get rid of fruit flies and still can’t get rid of your infestation, it is time to seek professional help by calling one of the team at Central Pest Control today.

We have many years in dealing with most pests, you can leave dealing with the insects to us while you can enjoy a pest free environment.


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