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Help! Rats Living under my Decking

Help! Rats Living under my Decking

Did you know?

It is a myth that having a decking attract rats!

Rats are always in the garden, one may travel through your garden each night that you would be unaware of.

However, rats will stay where a food source and warmth is. If your garden is providing a warm environment for them to nest, such as a decking and also leaving food stuff out in the garden, they will get themselves settled in your garden or under your decking.

This does not have to be obvious food left out but just by simply not cleaning up after your summer BBQ or by feeding birds, could all attract rats by creating a food source for them.

Decking is not the cause of your rat infestation, your habits are.

We understand people like to feed birds and we don’t want to take that from people. If you wish to feed birds in your back garden use these tips to ensure you are only feedings birds and not rodents too!

  1. Choose hanging Birdfeeders.
  2. Put a small amount of bird feed out in the morning, hoping it’ll be gone by the nighttime when rats are on their search for food.
  3. Don’t keep bird feeders near your decking as the food could drop through the decking, attracting rats.
  4. Also be aware that leaving your pets food out over night and on ground level is an ideal dinner for rodents.


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