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  • EFK – Electrical Fly Killers
    Author: Central Pest Control | Tuesday 08/09/2020

    Most fly infestations carry a very serious threat, as they spread dangerous germs due to the nature of their unhygienic eating habits. Some of the diseases that are carried by flying insects include most importantly Salmonella and E. coli. These fly killers are suitable for internal use in many sectors such as: catering, restaurants, hospitality, leisure facilities. In addition Central Pest Control, based in Dublin, can carry out safe and residual insect spray treatments.

    Central Pest Control have a unique range of EFKs (Electric Fly Killers ) units including the latest technology, safety tubes and two glue boards. Secondly these are the most effective, silent, discreet and out of sight fly killer units. Also highly hygienic, meeting all EU legal requirements as well as health and safety requirements. Tested and proven in laborarty tests, makes these fly control units one of the most effective of its kind, offering more than twice the UVA output.

    During these times, working with Covid19, it is therefore imperative that all premises dealing with food are in compliance with the strict guidelines set out by the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

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Victoria Armstrong / Business Communications Consultant, Three Ireland

I have dealt with the Central Pest Control crew for a number of years. Their determination and work ethic are the key reasons for their success. They are highly motivated pest-control professionals who always listen to their customers. Honest and open in their dealings with people, they never lose sight of the bigger picture. In short, thoroughly decent chaps and I wish them all the best for the future.

Victoria Armstrong / Business Communications Consultant, Three Ireland
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