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Cockroaches on the Increase

Cockroaches on the Increase

Central Pest Control have seen an increase in cockroaches in apartment blocks and domestic homes, this is a serious pest!

Cockroaches will cause serious health issues, including Salmonella, Typhoid fever Gastroenteritis. More recently it has been reported that cockroaches have been linked to a rise in cases of asthma in the home and workplace. The health risk posed by cockroaches in commercial food premises may also lead to compulsory closure orders and further on damaging your company reputation. Not only do they bring diseases into your home, they will also affect psychological health as the stress of a cockroach infestation in your home will bring stress and anxiety.

Cockroaches secrete an oily liquid and excrement that has an offensive smell. It is commonly believed that cockroaches leave chemical trails in their excrement, which other cockroaches then follow to discover food, heated areas, water, and drains.

Since cockroaches are nocturnal, if you discover a cockroach infestation during the day you need to call a professional pest controller as it is a sign of a well-established infestation. Call the experts, Central Pest Control today, with over 35 years in dealing with pest management.


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