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Cockroach Control

Our team of experts have been dealing with a number of cockroach infestations across Dublin and it’s surrounding areas recently. Finding cockroaches in your home or business can be quite an unpleasant and worrying discovery and is an issue that should be addressed urgently. 75% of all cockroach call outs to pest control companies in 2015 were in Dublin, the capital is somewhat of a breeding ground for the insects.

Are cockroaches dangerous?

Cockroaches are both unpleasant to look at and carry a severe health risk. The small insects can carry salmonella, typhoid and gastroenteritis to name a few. And to top the list off, their droppings can cause both eczema and asthma. Needless to say, we DO NOT recommend eating cockroaches as you may often see in the Bush Tucker trials in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

What causes Cockroach infestations?

The biggest cause of a cockroach infestation is food. If you do not seal your food properly, dispose of leftover food and wipe down surfaces after they have had food then you are leaving yourself open to cockroaches.

Cockroaches can live for up to three months without food which makes it all the more important that you take measures to prevent them because once they get into your dwelling, they intend to stay for some time.

What to do if you find cockroaches?

Call the experts immediately. Cockroaches do not take long to make themselves at home and will be hatching eggs as soon as they have found a spot to inhibit in your home. Delaying in calling the experts may lead to a more serious infestation than if you take swift action. If you find cockroaches, CPC) Central Pest Control offer a range of solutions to prevent and manage any cockroach infestation. Get in touch today by calling 1890 906195 or email our team info@centralpestcontrol.ie.




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Victoria Armstrong / Business Communications Consultant, Three Ireland

I have dealt with the Central Pest Control crew for a number of years. Their determination and work ethic are the key reasons for their success. They are highly motivated pest-control professionals who always listen to their customers. Honest and open in their dealings with people, they never lose sight of the bigger picture. In short, thoroughly decent chaps and I wish them all the best for the future.

Victoria Armstrong / Business Communications Consultant, Three Ireland
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