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Bugs: Coming Soon To A Bed Near You?

Bugs: Coming Soon To A Bed Near You?

22 June 2015 — Just the thought of bed bugs makes many people squeamish, but one academic expert claims they’re now an epidemic in many parts of the developed world. Ohio State University entomologist, Susan Jones, says that problems with the insect have been widespread for more than a decade

“There is a very unnecessary stigma associated with bed bugs,” observes Jones. “People are ashamed to talk about it when the fact of the matter is that any human being can get bed bugs.”

Bed bugs are tiny parasitic insects that feed on humans and travel from place to place. Anyone living and breathing is a potential victim. While not known to transmit disease, Jones says seven out of 10 people who are bitten by bed bugs report an allergic reaction (see image). She adds that infestations can cause psychological trauma for some people, including anxiety, stress and insomnia. “The many health conditions that bed bugs can worsen has been greatly downplayed,” she states.

“This is a public-health issue, and one that really needs to be addressed on a nationwide basis.” Jones believes public-health leaders need to pay more attention to the problem and find funding sources to provide better public education and awareness.

Since infestations are not easily resolved, requiring both heat treatment and insecticides, Jones says that eradication should be left to professionals who have extensive experience working with bed bugs.

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