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Ant Infestations in the Home or in the Garden

Ant Infestations in the Home or in the Garden

Ant Infestations in the Home or in the Garden

As we know an ant infestation can be very stressful when they enter your home in serious numbers. Especially when they make their way into the fridge, utility room or food presses.

Outdoor ants are more of a nuisance, often in flower beds or on driveways.

With over 30 years of dealing with ants on a regular basis, a nest in the garden could be difficult to locate, however in the home, working ants will have a distinctive run back and forward to where the queen is happy keeping the nest busy.

Some people report that ants may bite, and other people are just squeamish at the sightings of ants on the breakfast table, in the warmer months of the year.

Did you know?

Your common black garden ant late in the summer will emerge from the colony winged. As this is part of their mating season, and the swarm may be in very large numbers. This is all part of their life cycle as the queen is preparing for next season.

Ant Control in the Commercial Hospitality Sectors:

Ant infestations in a bakery or a restaurant may reflect badly on the reputation of the working environment. As they make their way in from surrounding areas trying to identify a food source. A serious ant infestation can compromise hygiene standards in food outlets. Putting the health risks to one side, none of your staff or customers want to see a line of working ants across counters and tables. It is likely to end in a customer complaint and at worse finding it’s way onto social media for everybody’s news.


Identifying Signs of Ants:

The ants season may start as early as February. In the hospitality sector, nursing home or the family home with underground heating. The sight of ants marching in a familiar line, especially during the summer months as we spend more time outdoors while the weather improves.

In an ideal world, we in pest control try to locate the nest, however some of the most common areas for ants to establish themselves may be in the wall of a bakery, under the island counter within the kitchen or along pipe runs heading to a hot press.

When you identify serious numbers of ants and if you can follow their line of travel, this is a sure sign that the working nest is close by.


Pest Control Ants

Due to information readily available online regarding domestic measures in dealing with ants. We would always be weary of buying toxic products online, as it may result in health hazards.

Professional and discreet pest control services:

Central Pest Control have many years of experience and all of our staff have mandatory PMU licenses in dealing with insecticides for homeowners and business sectors.

The service we provide starts with a detailed inspection to identify the species of the ant and finding the source of the problem before we put in appropriate plan of action.

We use professional, labelled, insecticides and gel, which are very affective in dealing with ants during the summer months. All our chemicals and toxicity levels are only harmful to the targeted pest.


What type of ants do we find in Ireland

The Common Black Garden Ant

Rogers Ant

The oldest establish Ant – the Pharoh’s Ant

The common ants that we come across in Ireland are not known to carry any diseases at the moment, however some of the outdoor areas where ants build nests and where they travel within the home, they may bring other nasty germs where they have nested.

As we have seen a big increase in DIY methods, we would always recommend the premises to be treated by a professional to avoid contamination or a closure order, especially in food outlets.

Our professional PMU licensed technicians have the experience and the techniques to ensure we gain control while keeping the environment safe during the ant season.


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