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Pest advice for controlling Termites

Social insects which may live in communities of many millions of individuals. In tropical and sub-tropical countries they are major pests of timber buildings.

Termites eat wood, but are also known to snack on paper, books, insulation material, filtration systems and even swimming pool liners. Termite control Ireland can be tricky because the insects can often remain concealed for years, gradually weakening the structural integrity of homes and buildings. Termites may also cause damage in the garden by invading woody plants and trees.

Termite Prevention

One of the best methods of termite control is to prevent a pest infestation. By employing the following methods of prevention, you just might save your home from a termite attack and costly treatments.

  • Keep all cellulose-based products away from your house
  • Keep the house and foundation dry by adding caulk around windows and doors.
  • Keep gutters clear of debris
  • Schedule regular home inspections
  • Don’t place shrubs and plants near the foundations of your home
  • Avoid using wood chip mulch near the house
  • Use solid concrete where you can instead of wood
How to get rid of Termites

If you suspect you have Termites, we would strongly recommend that you contact us

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