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Pigeon control

    Pigeons – Bird netting, bird wiring and bird spikes

    Pigeons are the top urban pest bird, causing damage wherever they roost. Since urban pigeons are descendants of domesticated European homing pigeons, they have a varied diet and are comfortable making their nests in man-made structures. Generally blue grey in colour with iridescent feathers around the neck and head, their short legs and hind toes permit easy perching on pipes and ledges. Pigeons generally nest in small, flat areas above the ground, such as building ledges, air-conditioning units, and windowsills

    Damage caused by pigeons
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    Damage caused by pigeons

    Pigeon activity around buildings often leads to structural damage as these resourceful pests can lift roof coverings to make an entry, especially if the covering is already slightly displaced. This can allow significant water penetration into the building and subsequent decay. More seriously, pigeon feathers, faeces and other detritus can block rainwater drainage systems, creating additional water-penetration risks and severe decay problems. Nesting activity is especially dangerous in this respect, as pigeons frequently nest in parapet gutters and can cause complete blockages in a short space of time.

    • Pigeon droppings are not just unsightly but highly acidic too, causing damage to buildings and machinery. Nesting material, droppings and feathers also block gutters and air vents.
    • Pigeons carry mites which can cause skin disorders, while dirt from their feathers can exacerbate respiratory problems.
    • Pigeons carry a range of diseases, many of which are transmissible to humans, particularly if droppings contaminate foodstuffs. Around food premises, therefore, the presence of pigeons simply cannot be tolerated.

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