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How to get rid of rats?

How to get rid of rats?

Many people associate rats and mice with the colder months, as they will come into your home looking for shelter. But that is not only the case in the colder months.

Rats and mice will enter your home through an open door in your property. As the weather gets warmer, homes and businesses are leaving doors open, we have especially seen this in the hospitality sector.

Leaving doors open for long periods of time, will give rodents easy access to your property.

It is important that housekeeping and proofing measures are in place, as a rodent infestation can get out of hand very quickly, and can become a very established infestation.


How do I know if I have a rat infestation?

Signs you have a rodent infestation

  • Grease Marks – The grease from their coat will leave a trail.
  • Track – Rats have poor eye sight and will follow the same track they have made.
  • Noise – Scratching through walls and from attic spaces.
  • Smell – There will be a foul odour if you have a rodent infestation.
  • Droppings – These will resemble coffee beans.


To Note: in all of our years of experience in doing pest control and our continuous training, it is important to never underestimate a rat infestation – As this guy is a clever Rodent – You don’t know they’re in until they’re in.


As we are in the middle of our Irish summer, people need to be aware while having outdoor parties or BBQ’s to be vigilant that rats will travel several hundred feet from their nest to identify their food source. Their next requirement will be a leaky garden hose or an exposed drains.

As for shelter, three areas to be concerned of

  • Boiler House
  • Garden Shed
  • Under your Decking


Although these are the obvious signs of rodent activity, these could also go unnoticed if they are coming through places like your drains for examples, leaving their signs in your drains.


Disease and Damage Rodents will Cause:


  • Fires – 25% of fires in homes have been caused by damage by rodents i.e. gnawing on cables.
  • Damage to Piping – one most common is the dishwasher, relating to flooding.


  • Weil’s Disease – leading to kidney, liver or heart failure, even death in rare cases.
  • Lyme Disease – caused by ticks that live in rats and mice, these rodents transport these ticks.
  • Salmonella – this infection is highly contagious, it is transmitted in rats through the ingestion of food and water contaminated with infected faeces, urine and bedding material.


If you think you may have a rodent infestation, it is important to contact a professional, licensed, insured pest control company as soon as possible, before your infestation gets out of control.

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